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Pies Were for Thursdays

Author Dick Lynas reads from his biography Pies Were for Thursdays (2010), and recalls saving up for McCowan’s sweets as a child. 

Candy is often a common connection all humans have. The collection of coins, the careful deliberation of what to purchase, the longing for more can be understood no matter your age or background. In his biography, Pies Were For Thursdays, Dick Lynas shares his experience of what it was like growing up in post-war Glasgow and all the creative ways he would find to secure a penny to purchase the iconic McCowan’s Penny Dainty.

I had a better plan for the use of that penny…in those days there were plenty of kids who only had a penny, every newsagent in the country, I think, would have a little tray, and they would bring out the tray for the children, and they would go up and down the different sweets and make their choice, and go off happy.”

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Author Dick Lynas recorded by Meghan Kjartanson, Great Place volunteer.

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