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Images of Industry Photographic Competition

The Great Place "Images of Industry" Competition (September / October 2019) invited participants to turn their eyes to the aesthetics of industry.

Winners of our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, and a short list of commended entries, were selected by our guest judge, landscape photographer, Michael Prince. Michael Prince is a freelance television Producer Director, Filmmaker and Landscape photographer based in Stirling. He is passionate about shooting landscapes on film, often using medium and large format cameras, preferring the slower more contemplative process that these old work horses demand, and preferring the resulting aesthetics and atmosphere that they can often produce.

First Prize: David Wilkinson
Aerial shot of Grangemouth at night


“The Grangemouth refinery is the dominant thought I have when I think of industry in the Falkirk area. It lights the night sky and I wanted to get an aerial view that captured the dominance it has over the sky. I picked a cold evening when the vapour clouds would hang in the sky with a bright colour reflecting off them.”

Judge’s comment:

"Refreshing to see a new take on this often photographed location. The high angle of the composition is tremendous and I particularly like the contrast between the yellows in the vapour and the dark blue and purple in the night sky. The detail and depth in the image is superb."

Second Prize: Derek Forrest
Ineos from Inveravon


Judge’s comment:

"Strong composition and making the most of the back lit subject matter. I particularly like the fact that the cooling towers are so dark and foreboding."

Third Prize: Derek Forrest
Kinneil Kerse Looking West


Judge’s comment:

"The reflection of the rising condensed water vapour makes for a great composition and a less usual view of Grangemouth. I think the mono treatment of the photograph also works to produce a striking and memorable image."

Commended Entries


John Cuthbert - Falkirk Wheel at Night
Gordon Cark - Full Steam Ahead, Bo’ness
Valerie Ward - Union Canal Tunnel



To see Michael’s landscape work visit: www.michaelprincephotography.co.uk

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